Hey there!

Thank you for your interest. I am stoked for your wedding and hope that it all works out for us to be your wedding videographer. Ready to do this? I sure am!  So, what are the next steps?

Look through the packages and add ons to find the one that would work best for you. Talk it over! This is an investment for your marriage, your future kids and your grandkids. I am here to answer any questions you may have and would love to work something out for you that will fit you perfectly.

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The High roller Package $4500 includes:

– 11 hours of wedding day coverage
– 2 Meadowlark Media Videographers
– 30-60 second sneak peak trailer
– 9 minute highlight film
– Full ceremony recording
– Reception speeches and first dances

The preferred package $3500 includes:

– 9 hours of wedding day coverage 
– 2 Meadowlark Media Videographers
– 30-60 second sneak peak trailer
– Full ceremony recording
– 7 minute highlight film

The basic package $2500

– 7 hours of wedding day coverage 
– 1 Meadowlark Media Videographer
– 30-60 second sneak peak trailer 
– 5 minute highlight film


Add these on to any package for complete customization.

Priced at $500. Includes your full ceremony filmed with at least 3 different camera angles and edited together.

Priced at $300 and includes full recordings of the speeches and first dances.

Priced at $500 and includes a 2 hour film adventure session and highlight film. We will also put some of this in your wedding video if you so choose.

Priced at $250 – includes a hard drive with all of the clips from your day with any shaky footage taken out.

Priced at $500 – We shoot and edit a short (2-4 minutes) video of your day that can be played at your reception. An amazing surprise for guests!

Priced at $1500 – Have a fear of missing out on all of the many little moments through out your wedding day? We’re happy to offer our new FOMO edit which is essentially a 3-4 hour video of everything we shot on your day. In other words – a glorified home video edit of your special day. We drag all of the footage we shot from the entire day, and place it in our editing timeline chronologically, and deliver it to you. We’ll remove horribly shaky, or duplicated shots. Film will not be colored, film will not included background music. Delivered separately from your final wedding highlight film.

Priced at $1000 – Janna prioritizes your wedding video over every other client. Wedding highlight film will be done within 7 days.

Priced at $500 – Coverage at your pre-wedding dinner. Often times, there are speeches, toasts, memories, and moments that happen before your wedding day that you want to capture and remember forever. This ensures that those memories don’t go un-captured. Coverage lasts 4 hours.

Priced at $200- $250 each – Looking for the perfect way to have your wedding video easily accessible? Why not try a playbook album? They look just like a photo album on the outside, but when you open them, they begin playing your video. They are so user friendly that they make the perfect wedding day gift for parents and grandparents.


Questions About Packages

All you have to do is sign the contract and pay the $500 non-refundable retainer and we will save your date for you!

You can mail a check, or else do payments from a credit card or bank account. We will set up the payments for you and you can even choose to have the payments automated so you don’t have to remember. 

You will have paid for your wedding in full by 30 days before your wedding.  This way you don’t have to try to remember in the busy weeks leading up to your day!

As long as you cancel before 30 days prior to your wedding you will be refunded in full besides your retainer. 

Yes! Just pay the $500 and you can decide later which package you want.